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Air Quality Egg

May 26, 2015

Air quality in Poland is in general rather poor, according to some sources the second worst in Europe. I live in Poland in a small town of about 9000 people. Since it is close to Wrocław, people consider it rural. There is some truth in that – it is surrounded by forests that are a great place to walk or bike. As far as air pollution is concerned however, the situation is bad, in winter worse than in Wrocław in my opinion. One evening last December after I came back from a walk smelling like a life-long chain smoker I tried to find data to check what is the level of pollution in my town. It turned out that probably nobody knows as almost all air quality monitoring in Poland concentrates in big cities. There are three monitoring stations in Wrocław, but none in the surrounding areas. So then I searched for an inexpensive way to measure pollution by myself and I found Air Quality Egg.