Isabelle 2009-1 and IsarMathLib

The Isabelle team has just released Isabelle 2009-1. The latest release 1.6.9 of IsarMathLib checks out without any modification, so there is no update needed.

The new installation instructions on the Isabelle web site and the bundle file that can be downloaded from there are specific for Isabelle/HOL. To install Isabelle/ZF for IsarMathLib on x86 Linux one needs to download Isabelle2009-1.tar.gz, polyml-5.3.0.tar.gz,  ProofGeneral- and ZF_x86-linux.tar.gz and do tar -C /usr/local -xzf on each of them. The installation can be finished by running

./bin/isabelle install -p /usr/local/bin

from /usr/local/Isabelle2009-1.


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