IsarMathLib 1.6.4 released

Isabelle developers released 2008 version a couple of weeks ago, so I updated IsarMathLib to work with the new version. The update was very easy this time. The only change I had to make was to rename a couple of theory files as standard Isabelle theories were renamed and the new names were identical to some IsarMathLib’s theories.

Isabelle stopped tolerating  repeated names of theorems. A a result the new Isabelle found a couple of places in the theories containing facts translated from Metamath where I did the same work twice.  Translation  was a tedious and a bit mind-dumbing work. The translation tool was doing about 99% of it, but the remaining part was still enough to make me do the same thing a couple of times and not notice. I decided to remove the translation tool from IsarMathLib distribution and replace it with the source for the TiddlyWiki rendering tool. It still requires a lot of work, but it can parse and convert to TiddlyWiki markup 15 out of 47 IsarMathLib theories.


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